Winning ways

Thank you to everyone who commented here on the blog or Facebook or Twitter in response to my 1001 posts post. I turned off commenting this morning, wrote everyone’s name on a piece of paper, cut them out put them all into a (hand felted) bag


note the use of an old diary for the paper… nothing wasted here!

Then I drew out two.


So, the winners are …. drum roll please…





If you would each like to send me your postal address, I will send you a surprise… once I’ve chosen/made something that I think you will really like.

Thank you to everyone else who commented… I’d really like to send you all a gift, but there are only so many hours in the day!


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  1. Well done Linne & Mags. 🙂

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  2. I can imagine them doing little happy dances around their kitchens!

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  3. Congratulations all round: to you again for the landmark, and to them for being lucky enough to receive a Snail-gift.

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  4. That’s so cool… Two worthy winners. I’m loving the hand felted bag too (and the recycling of the diary!)

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  5. Laurie Graves

     /  December 2, 2017

    Such a lovely thing to do!

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  6. Happy dances indeed! I was so surprised to read your email this morning! I have responded with my address and also a VERY long letter (you will see why). I am very excited to see what sort of thing you will think suits me, although I suspect anything you choose to make or give will be very ‘me’. This is one more thing in a growing list of ‘good things’ that began happening again just recently and I do SO appreciate it!

    I will be posting my news soon, but not tonight. I had thought of holding off until the end of December, but it is Simply. Not. Possible.! You will understand soon and the others will have to be patient for just a little longer . . . Anticipation, you know. 🙂

    I want to add, on a practical note, that wool does not have to be itchy. Many people will say that they are allergic, but I don’t think that is an actual allergy. What causes the itching and redness is that wool is formed exactly like our hair: it has a central fibre covered with wee scales. When we wash the natural wool and remove the lanolin, it’s the same as washing our hair with a harsh soap and not using any oil or conditioner – hair becomes unmanageable and fly-away; wool becomes ‘itchy’. This is caused by the scales lifting up from the central core and scratching. There are a couple of easy fixes, though: if the item is heavy and meant for outdoors, like a heavy jersey, you can rub lanolin into the garment (both sides and especially around the neck and cuffs). This will cause the scales to lie down again. OR you can dampen the item slightly by misting with a sprayer or else wash it, then squeeze out the excess water and then roll in a towel or two until it is just slightly damp. Squirt some hair conditioner onto your hands, rub your hands together, then gently apply to the garment. Again, pay attention especially to the neck and cuffs or wherever it touches your skin the most. You have to be careful not to rub hard and thus start felting the wool; I haven’t tried this, but it might work, too: I’d try putting some hair conditioner in a spray bottle with some water and spray directly onto a dry garment, working gently in with my hands. I learned all this when I was a manager of a Lewiscraft store in Edmonton (Lewiscraft was a Canadian craft supply store that was around for nearly 100 years, but sadly closed in about 2006).

    Lanolin will also make your garment more rain-resistant (think of how sheep don’t get soaked through). I have used the conditioner but not the lanolin, so I recommend trying this on something small, like a pair of socks. Hope this helps.

    Thanks again, Jan, for a wonderful surprise~ I loved the felted bag and the diary pages, too. Nothing going to waste. Nothing much does here, either, except the muffins and they go to waist. LOL Have a wonderful week. Love and Light. ~ Linne

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    • Just want to add my thanks to all your lovely and generous commenters; thanks so much for the congratulations. I appreciate that so much! I wish you all a great week. ~ Linne


  7. Thank you so much, I’m so pleased and excited by this! Sorry for just commenting now – I haven’t been checking the blogs until now! Here’s to the next 1001 posts! 🍻


  8. Congratulations to the winners. I’m reading in reverse, so I’m not sure what they won. I’m sure it’s amazing though.


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