Opening up

It’s all very well to visit large estates and see amazing rolling acres, huge walled gardens and what can be done with a dozen gardeners, but inspiration is probably more likely to strike closer to home. It was lovely, therefore, to visit a couple of gardens just round the corner from us who were participating in the National Garden Scheme. I think the pictures say more than my words could:

And as a secondary source of inspiration, I discovered that Beryl (one of the owners), who I regularly have a chat with when I’m passing with the dogs,  is the most amazing needlewoman. She had some of her quilts, stumpwork and stitched pictures on display in her conservatory along with the open garden. Because I usually see her when she’s gardening, we normally talk about plants and I never knew about her sewing… learning more about your neighbours is certainly a hidden benefit of visiting their gardens.

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  1. Kt Shepherd

     /  July 19, 2019

    Fab! Im looking forward to hopefully being involved with the open gardens scheme in my local area too, once Im moved and my new garden design is under way


  2. Nice! And I absolutely agree about finding inspiration in smaller gardens where there is often one gardener.


  3. Lovely photos. Always find gardening a relaxing hobby!


  4. That is a gorgeous garden! It’s so full of color and texture and incredibly inviting. Thanks for sharing.



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