Mend It Monday #3

“If it’s not worth mending, it’s not worth buying” …

Something woolly again this week. A long time ago I made slippers for myself and Mr Snail. They have been mended a number of times already, and this week it was the turn of Mr Snail’s; they were in a sorry state:

I started by darning the worst of the holes to provide some structure, and then crocheted some circles to provide good thick soles under the heel and ball of the foot and these will, hopefully last another year or so.

The yarn I used for the repairs is the stuff they make Axminster carpets out of, so it is really hard-wearing. Even so, slippers that get worn every day need lots of attention to keep them going and I’m really pleased to be able to extend their life this way.

So, have you mended anything this week? If you’ve written a post about mending recently, do share a link to it – I love to see how other people manage to extend the lives of the things they own.

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  1. Sadly (or happily, depending on your viewpoint), my mending basket is almost 850 miles away, and will continue to be so for at least another week. But when I get back home and have exhausted all other avenues of avoidance, such as unpacking and cleaning the caravan, doing the laundry mountain, etc, I shall sit down and repair stuff and post about it!

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  2. Husband fixed the bird feeder this week, not as pretty as your mending.

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  3. Ann Pole

     /  March 2, 2020

    Wow, you did an amazing job of those slippers, I’d have thought they were beyond repair.
    Not mended anything this week, the pile gets higher!


  4. Nikki

     /  March 3, 2020

    Beautifully done, Mrs. Snail! May I ask what material you used inside the slippers to give them structure? I’ve always found floppy, unstructured slippers difficult to walk in.
    This week, I repaired some holes in an old cashmere jumper – I couldn’t find a good match for the colour of the wool (a faded pink), so I just used what I had. It will do 🙂


    • The slippers are not lined – they are just crocheted from quite stiff, thick wool, which is rather tough on the fingers. In addition, the stitch creates ridges which seem to provide structure.


  5. nothing mended here, but there is something…a woolen sweater but I can’t decide if I should knit it a few patches or just leave and wear/hol(e)y – it’s not currently woolen sweater season…


    • Make the patches… when I leave holes they just get bigger and bigger and then very difficult or even impossible to mend. A little mend can save a lot of frustration later!



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