Mend It Monday #4

“If it’s not worth mending, it’s not worth buying” …

After telling you about a cardigan that I don’t like in my last post, today I want to tell you about one that I really love… and that I have really loved for about 30 years. I am pretty sure that I bought it when I was a postgraduate student, and I haven’t been one of those for 29 years, so it can’t be younger than that. Anyway, it has started to show signs of its age and a couple of weeks ago I noticed a large hole and some smaller ones in one of the sleeves. Originally I thought I’d crochet a flower to cover the big hole, but then I discovered that I have some cotton yarn that matches the cream (also cotton) and thought that I would stabilise the holes first. Having done this, I’m going to leave this particular mend alone, as it has worked so well.

I am not, however, finished with this cardigan, as the cuffs are starting to fray, so more work is required before I feel ready to wear it again. If I notice any worn patches after that, I think I will add some black crochet flowers or leaves, as they would be fun to make.

So, have you mended anything this week? If you’ve written a post about mending recently, do share a link to it – I love to see how other people manage to extend the lives of the things they own.

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  1. I’m mending my tiny house, does that count?


  2. I have identified a bunch of mends, but on this trip I lack the necessary supplies to effect them. I’ll be needing Sugru®, string, a magnet, my sewing machine and a heat gun… Miz Lizzie and her contents are in need of a bit of a spruce up once we get home 🙂
    Your mend is almost too tidy; that cardigan is definitely a good candidate for boro-style mending in a contrasting colour!


    • I was really planning some visible mending, but coming across matching yarn was just too tempting and when the repair was done I did feel a bit smug that it was so subtle.

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      • Nikki

         /  March 11, 2020

        You’ve disguised it beautifully Mrs. Snail! Can’t wait to see you wearing & enjoying it again : )
        I’m at stage 2 of trying to fix a weather-damaged window frame (using wood filler – will sand & paint later). Does that count as a mend? 🙂


  3. Well I have just made today a huge error of judgement on something “I think I will get this mended by end of this week….but first”
    First the woollen sweater needed it’s summer time wash – it’s been bundled up near the laundry dirty clothes basket for some weeks.
    I washed it this morning and then couldn’t think where to hang it until I remembered I have a winter time drying rack…it was sodden, I’m not good at wringing things…
    At some point in the day when I was outdoors, I thought “gee it looks like it gonna rain…” and I bought in the weekly wash off the other line…
    It wasn’t until it had started drizzling that I realised “darn, sweater…” of course said sweater not really got into drying, less dripping.
    Where to put it?
    It’s in the shed!
    I’m severely upset with this drizzle which got steadily worse, not exactly to real rain, but worse…
    So the sweater, probably be in the shed a few more days…possibly til end of the week!
    PS Auckland, where I live has been in drought for dozens of weeks, we’ve had a few days of a bit of rain – one could have washed said sweater … but no!


  4. I just finished mending one sweater that I have been thinking about mending for ages! Now I just need to get to the 4 pairs of woollen socks that have holes in them.


  5. No mends this week, but we are now onto visible darning in the stitchbook collective project I am part of. My favourite bit so far was adding a visible patch.


  6. Just finished mending a sock that I put my toe through on Saturday. Quick turnaround for me!


  7. Nice mending there. Nope – not mending anything at the moment.


  8. This post made me smile. As the old Maine farmers used to say, “Yessah, by God!” Still have a sweater that needs mending. Maybe this week will be the week.


  1. Mend It Monday #5 | The Snail of Happiness

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