Mend It Monday #11

As my friend Sarah says “If it’s not worth mending, it’s not worth buying” …

This week sees the final mend from the pile that had accumulated over recent (and not so recent) months. It seems appropriate to be finishing with one of my most common mends – hand knitted socks. This particular pair of socks was amongst the first I knitted (about eight years ago I think) and this is the first time that they have needed mending, so that’s quite an achievement. It was the toes that were going so I mended and reinforced and I’m hoping they might last another eight years.

So, have you mended anything this week? If you’ve written a post about mending recently, do share a link to it – I love to see how other people manage to extend the lives of the things they own.

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  1. I bet you don’t find too many darning mushrooms around these days 🙂


  2. Monkey. I’m mending Monkey. This belongs to a customer/friend, whose jealous grandson decided to do it serious harm and scratched the face away and mauled the hands. Not got very far, so no point is posting pictures yet.
    But Steves work trousers are finally finished!! Yay!
    And I’ve made a blouse – vintage blue with a dark red flower print. Has a creamy lace finish. Soft cotton, not colour fast (as I found out as it stained my hands), so I need to get a mountain of salt and some of those colour catcher sheets before I rinse it in cold water. (Note to self, wash fabric first!!)


  3. I discovered this morning that my favourite pair of cropped jeans needs repair, but I had too much else on to get round to it. I’ll have to remember to take photos for next Monday! Meanwhile, I did some serious repurposing and DIY, so I don’t feel too bad about it!


  4. Going Batty in Wales

     /  April 27, 2020

    Now your pile is finished shall I bring you mine? I could leave it on your doorstep like a foundling!

    I have a darning mushroom given to me by my daughter. When her mother-in-law was terminally ill she was going through all her things trying to give them away and was desperate for my daughter to have something but most things my daughter either already had or would never use. Then the darning mushroom came to light so she took it to pass on to me! For some reason the top has 3 deep wide concentric grooves in it and it is actually not very useful but better than nothing.


  5. Quite an achievement indeed! No mending this week. So far, no holes.


  6. That is impressive. I hope my socks will last that long!


  7. Just found this and as one of the pairs of socks that I mended are also eight years old I thought I would share my post. –

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