Holey moley, it’s Mend-it Monday!

Now I have finally persuaded myself to like darning, I tend to keep on top of it quite well. However, the other day I noticed that Mr Snail was about to put on a pair of socks that had a hole in them and I decided I’d better take a look at the contents of his sock drawer. I almost wished that I hadn’t when I discovered just how many holes were lurking in there…

What a lot of holes

Anyway, I got out my needle, yarn and mushroom and darned and darned and darned. It took me several evenings to work my way through all of them, but finally I’ve finished:

In all cases, the latest darning is grey, so you can probably see that this is not the first mend for any of these socks. Still, I keep reminding myself that every time I do this, I am reducing our waste just a little bit, and if we all did a bit more of this sort of thing, we could make an enormous difference.

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  1. I love that Mr Snail’s feet are hidden masterpieces of the yarny arts. And what a good idea to change the colour each time, so you can see when the sock has become more darn than original πŸ™‚

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    • I wish I’d kept a note of the order that I’ve used the colours, but that would have required way too much organisation for me! It’s rather nice to see the layers being built up, though, and spotting the places where wear is particularly hard (or my past darning poor) that are requiring further mends.

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  2. These are some darn fine socks! And now they live to fight another day, which is even better!


  3. how beautiful. I’ve not made any socks, but I’m wondering if I ought, now.


  4. That’s a lot of darning! But how true that you have reduced waste by repairing rather than throwing away.


  5. Going Batty in Wales

     /  April 7, 2021

    You will have to check his socks regularly it seems! I never darn bought socks but handmade ones are well worth mending because they take so much time to knit.



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