Lawn Again — writinghouse

Mr Snail has been writing about what we’ve been up to in the garden, so, over to him…

All hail the soon-to-arrive lawn! As my Reader knows, Chez Snail now has a new raised bed and some bare earth (didn’t know? Read about that endeavour here). The bare earth is, of course, where the grass is going to go. The Snail decided that we should invest in some pre-turfed, er, turf, the kind […]

Lawn Again — writinghouse
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  1. Lovely and green. Amazing how fast it goes with turf. In our backyard, we’ve seeded some bare patches. Still waiting for the grass to grow.


    • I seriously considered seeding it, but I really, really wanted to be able to use it this year. Mind you, at the rate we’re going we’re not going to get the opportunity: this has been the wettest May since we started collecting data in 2014 and we’re only just over half way through it. Currently we have strong winds and driving rain – sigh.



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