Mend-It Monday #21

Today I thought I’d show off a couple of mends using my Speedweve – the heel of one sock and the ball of the foot of another. In both cases the sock was not completely worn through, but it’s always better to catch a garment before the hole has appeared than after.

For the under-foot mend I just used plain grey sock yarn, but the one on the heel has plain grey warp and patterned sock yarn weft. Next time I mend something in a more visible area I’m going to have a go at using more colours and trying to achieve a tartan effect, but there didn’t seem much point for mends that are not going to be visible.

I like the fact that the Speedweve gives a very even and smooth mend, a feature particularly important with socks, as you don’t want them to rub. As with all skills, it’s getting easier (and more even) with practice, but to be honest the Speedweve is a very well-designed gadget that is pretty simple to use one you understand the technique.

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  1. Clever mends!

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     /  October 25, 2021

    Now that looks like a great piece of kit! Much easier than the old darning mushroom.


  3. Gosh, tartan darning would be immensely swanky! Can’t wait to see an example, so get practising! The brighter the better, of course…


  4. Going Batty in Wales

     /  October 25, 2021

    That speedweave seems a real find! I know you are good at darning but those look exceptionally even!


  5. How many hooks does your speedweve have? Does it seem like enough? Is there any advantage to having more hooks?



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