Passion in the limery

Now before your imagination gets away with you, it’s not THAT sort of post!

Last week during a regular potter in the limery, whist admiring the way that the red banana passisionflower vine is filling the space above the doors into the house:


Not just the passionflower, but Pauline’s wonderful light-catcher too

I noticed this:


A bud!

It’s not supposed to flower until June and this is its first year, so I was very excited. Even more so, when I wandered in yesterday to be greeted with an open flower:


Sunshine, blue sky and passion!

Isn’t it lovely? And closer investigation has revealed quite a few more buds, although very small yet. The fruit of this particular species is supposed to be the best flavoured of all passionfruit, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for for at least one to taste. However, even if we don’t get any fruit, the joy that this single flower has brought makes the purchase and care of the plant all worthwhile.


Red Banana Passionflower


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