All wrapped up

My friend Kate* contacted me the other day to ask whether I’d ever tried making my own waxed cloth wraps for keeping food fresh. It’s one of those things that I’ve seen instructions for** but have never got round to trying: another thing on ‘the list’. Initially I thought that she was going to ask me how to do it, but it turned out that she was actually offering to make some for me – what a treasure!

And last week these arrived:


waxed cotton wraps


They are made using beeswax and cotton fabric. I haven’t needed to use any of them yet, but I can see that, combined with some string or an elastic band or two, they are going to be really useful and a brilliant alternative to plastic bags and boxes… both at home and when going shopping. I suspect some of them might go on picnics with us too. I may even add loops and buttons, so that they have an integral secure way to close them.


* One of many: I know an awful lot of Kates, Katies, Kts and Katys – this particular one is local

** There are several approaches, differing only in the details of how to melt/apply the wax, for example here and here

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