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I have been thinking about scale… no, not those insects on plants in the greenhouse, nor lime in the kettle, but size. With exposure to more and more global brands and international media, we find ourselves constantly bombarded by messages from large corporations and decision-makers, which make small organisations appear insignificant. The other day I was watching an episode of the TV show Boston Legal and found some of my thoughts on this issue articulated very clearly by one of the characters presenting his arguments in court (in this case in relation to the Democrat presidential selection procedure, but the point could be equally applied to other situations):

Alan Shore: My mother’s friend, Vivian, once told me, “There are only two kinds of people in this world, Alan. Dem that drink Coke. And dem that drink Pepsi.” Vivian got that notion, of course, from Coke and Pepsi. There may have been other colas, but Coke and Pepsi were the giants. Billion dollar behemoths who, in their own advertising, would each refer to the other guy as theonly alternative. Just so long as people keep on gulping down one or the other. Makes you kind of wonder if they’re in cahoots.

… When it comes to presidential elections, we again have only two billion dollar giants in control. The American people might get to vote for Commander in Chief but they only get two choices, Your Honor. Choices selected by two very private organizations who are both in bed with Big Oil, Big Tobacco, Big Pharmaceuticals, Big Banking, every Big you can think of. And as a result we only get the candidates that big business and the two parties decide to favor us with. So where’s the Democracy? The sad fact is it seems that Democracy has lost its way. And as long as we remain a two party system we’ll forever be denied a taste of that delicious RC Cola because Coke and Pepsi have cornered the market

Boston Legal, Indecent Proposals
Season 4, Episode 18
Written By: Craig Turk & Jill Goldsmith & David E.Kelley

And there you have it… should we choose to accept the message delivered to us by big organisations, we can get sucked into the idea that we do only have limited choices, that their alternatives are the only alternatives. And so I invite you to ignore the marketing and the media and think for yourself. Buy ‘that delicious RC Cola’  if that seems the right choice for you, or brew your own, or drink tea! Seek alternatives; be creative; question the limits; and always, always be your own person and don’t get bullied by big business.

Coke or Pepsi? Or you could just have a cup of tea

Coke or Pepsi? Or you could just have a cup of tea

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