Colours and Textures

Having decided to abandon my comfort zone and buy some yarn I would never normally work with in the form of the Arizona Dreams kit from Colinette, I decided to go the whole hog and knit it using a stitch that I would usually never consider – a form of broomstick lace.

First, though, I had to spend a couple of hours winding the hanks into balls, using my antique swift and the 1970s ball winder kindly given to me by my friend Susan a year or so ago:

And so on to the knitting – no broomstick is neededĀ for the broomstick lace, but it does require wrapping the yarn round the needle multiple times in some rows and then some jiggery-pokery in the subsequent row to end up with some fancy loops. It takes ages to do. Intervening rows are simply knitted and so are super-quick.

I have to confess I’m really pleased with the way it’s turning out… trying something different CANĀ be a good thing.

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