An ode to WordPress

I really want to write a post
On composting and poo
But WordPress just won’t let me
Is it the same for you?

I try to load the ‘New Post’ page
But my browser simply sits there
The writing box does not appear
I’m tearing out my hair

So for some light relief
I turn to blogs I read
But even these will not load
However much I plead

I want to read of Metan’s
Latest research gem
But WordPress just won’t let me
What is wrong with them?

What about Lord David?
Surely his words will grace my screen
But no, I can’t read anything
The pickings sure are lean

I know, I’ll look at Nana Cath
And see what she’s been making
But WordPress just won’t let me
I think the piss they’re taking

I cannot write upon my blog
I cannot check my spam queue
I cannot see my comments
What is a snail to do?

So please, dear WordPress, heed my plea
And stop your server acting feebly
Or I may be tempted to defect
And transfer my blog to Weebly


And if I’ve managed to post this – it’s a miracle!
And goodness only knows what the formatting will look like

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