Beauty and the beasties

After a sad beginning, the end of this week has been brightened up by several things.

First, all the lovely words you have written here; I was particularly cheered by the comments on my very gloomy post on Tuesday. So many people took the time to write and to send positive thoughts. Thank you one and all.

Then, I set about creating something beautiful…

Lovely colours, lovely pattern

Lovely colours, lovely pattern

Despite finding the pattern a little challenging, my Spatterdash wrist warmers are progressing well… or at least the first one is. I have the edging and the thumb to complete before finishing them off with some antique black glass buttons from my button stash. I have decided that the world simply cannot contain too many beautiful objects.

And yesterday, in the post, I received something that made me smile and even laugh out loud: a 2016 Beastie calendar.

Hello Explorer Beastie!

Hello Explorer Beastie!

Have you met Crawcrafts Beasties? If not, do pop over to their blog to see what they have been up to recently and I’ll guarantee that you will smile too. I’ve been following their exploits and the birth of new beasties for a while now, and was delighted to discover that a calendar featuring some of their adventures was available for next year. I just had to order one.

Happiness is...

Happiness is…

So, what has been make you smile this week?

P.S. Please excuse the poor pictures – I may not be gloomy, but the light certainly is!

I told you so…

I really am hopeless at throwing things out… so many items might just possibly come in useful in the future and I just can’t bring myself to consider them to be trash. Even recycling can be a challenge, because I’m always aware that it’s better to reuse or repurpose an object than to break it down and make it into a whole new something. As a result of this, our contributions to landfill are small, but our house is stuffed full of, well, stuff. We are trying very hard to cut down on what comes into the house to avoid too much accumulation.

My new old calendar

My new old calendar

Recently I have been trying to have a bit of a clear-out, before my office bursts at the seams and so a few weeks ago I went through some old calendars and diaries, cut out any pictures I thought might be useful for teaching (the Trees for Life diaries were particularly good for this) and put the remnants in the recycling. There was one calendar, however, that I just couldn’t bring myself to dispose of because it was made by my friend Anja for 2003 and contained lots of her own drawings. So, I put it to one side thinking that, perhaps I would cut it up and make a collage of the pictures. Then yesterday, Mr Snail-of-happiness came across it and noticed that the days were right for this year… it’s 11 years old and that’s the time that the days and dates match up again.

So, Anja’s calendar is now in use again (I hadn’t written on it first time round because it was so lovely) in my office and I am feeling smug that I didn’t throw it out or cut it up. OK, OK, I know that I can’t keep everything, but sometimes I do feel pleased with myself that I held on to an item that did turn out to be useful.

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