Mend It Monday #8

“If it’s not worth mending, it’s not worth buying” …

So far all my mends in this series have been ‘soft’ – involving yarn or thread, but this week I thought I’d share something a little harder.

Before the kitchen was rejuvenated with new cupboard doors, we used to keep the spices in the cupboard above the kettle and the place where we make the tea. Now things are much more sensible and the mugs, tea and coffee are in that cupboard. However, in the days of the spices, the cupboard was jam-packed and things would regularly fall out. And this is exactly what happened one day, resulting in a heavy jar landing directly on the lid of the teapot. The jar survived, but the teapot lid did not. We tried sticking it together with superglue, but it quickly fell apart. And then, to the rescue came the wonderful Sugru – a mouldable glue. It’s particularly good for ceramics and you can make a feature of it rather than trying to disguise the mend.

In fact, this is an old mend (I’ve been rather busy with some new makes this week), so I can tell you that it has been holding the lid together for over a year now. Sugru is great stuff and I highly recommend it to have as part of your mending kit.

So, have you mended anything this week? If you’ve written a post about mending recently, do share a link to it – I love to see how other people manage to extend the lives of the things they own.

And I’m delighted that Kate has joined me this week. You can read her post here.

Floral felting

This weekend the weather here was dreadful – high winds and driving rain, a typical British summer. But was I downhearted? No I was not, because I spent two days felting. I went to Aberystwyth Arts Centre to attend  course by the fabulous Ruth Packham, learning to combine wet and dry felting. It was a lovely informal course, with everyone choosing a plant or flower to make and Ruth helping us to work out how to achieve our goal. All the wool we used was British and some came from the Cambrian Mountains, making it very local.

Arranged, to coincide with an art exhibition entitled Flora, the course focused on making plants and flowers in felt. In fact, we didn’t exactly stick to the remit, so as well plants, between us we also made a caterpillar, a dragonfly and some coral. I really didn’t want to make a flower, so I chose to focus on something smaller, taking my inspiration from the capsules produced by mosses:

and look at all this that the other participants did…

We also each took home a porcelain flower from the Flora exhibition. For one of the exhibits, visitors are asked to record their first flower memory on a small card, and then to exchange the memory for a ceramic flower. The idea is that this particular exhibit changes over time from a collection of flowers to to a collection of memories… isn’t that lovely? The artist responsible is Clare Twomey:


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