Toasty toes

Finally, they are finished…

It has been a bit of a labour of love, including frogging most of the foot of the second one when I realised that I had miscounted my decreases. I won’t be rushing to make another pair from this rather challenging pattern, but they were most welcome today, when I spent the day in a rather chilly place… more about that tomorrow…



Snuggly socks

I am not a big buyer of souvenirs when we go on holiday, but Mr Snail has learned to accept that there may be the seeking out of wool. And thus it was in Norway (although since this was our second trip up the coast of that beautiful country I had already identified my target yarn shop). So, we returned home in May with little that we didn’t take with us in the first place, the exception being six balls of Norwegian sock yarn:


Local wool, bought in Norway

Since my skill with the Norwegian language is non-existent, I was unable to follow the pattern that came with the yarn. However, I found an attractive pattern – Silver Star by Drops Design – and have spent a couple of weeks creating my first ever pair of socks involving colour-work:

I rather enjoyed making them and they are very cosy because of the double layer of yarn throughout, but the pattern was not the best-written and I’m certainly glad that I had experience of knitting lots of pairs of plain socks previously.

I have enough yarn left to make another pair, but I think that I will be seeking out a different pattern.

Have you tried anything new this week?

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