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I have lots of recipe books, and I do like sitting down and browsing through them. But, I don’t do this nearly as much as I should to gain new inspiration. It’s lovely, therefore, to come across recipes that inspire me in the land of blog. This week I’ve encountered several that are now on my list of ‘must try’ and a couple that I tried straight away.

The first was koftas – little meaty sausages/patties served with flat bread and spicy condiments. I have to confess that I now can’t remember which blog I saw these on. I didn’t write down the recipe because it was so easy – minced lamb, garlic and seasonings mixed together, rolled into little shapes, put on one side for a while and then cooked in a pan without any oil added as lamb is fatty anyway. My only modification was that I used mutton rather than lamb – it has more flavour, its use means the animals have a longer life and graze naturally rather than being brought on using concentrates (as much lamb is) and apparently it’s good for you. The reason this recipe appealed so much was that I could serve it with a whole host of home made/home grown things: lettuce picked fresh, flat breads made by Mr Snail, dollops of the delicious sweet hot chilli sauce, home made yoghurt and freshly stewed apples. I can report that is was all delicious – certainly something we’ll be cooking time and again.

The other recipe I tried this week was for Dutch Apple Pie… in my life I have made many apple pies but, trust me, this one was really special and different from any I’ve made before. The buttery crust is delicious, and the filling – made with sugar, corn starch, water, cinnamon and apples – was wonderful. For this one, I can direct you to the recipe, it’s from Amanda, The Farm Wyfe and you can find it here.

In her post, Amanda also mentions apple brownies, which she has also kindly given me the recipe for… see her response to my comment at the bottom of┬áher pie original post if you want this.

In addition, Kate (Tall Tales from Chiconia) sent me a cake recipe earlier in the week, but since it requires lots of eggs and our girls are hardly laying at the moment, trying that will have to wait.

So, have you come across any good recipes in blogland recently? If so, do share!


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