Snail in the mail

I have recently come across Claudia, who posts a snail-a-day on various social media sites,  and now has a blog called Creative Shell.

Anyway, Claudia is putting together a collection of snails. She writes…

Click on the picture to find out how to send a snail in the mail to Claudia

I want 365 people to send me a snail in the mail and I want to exhibit them all.

So in the spirit of sharing is caring, snail mail is the best, slow and steady wins the race, why not JOIN THE SPIRAL and send a SNAIL IN THE MAIL.

It’s your snail, it can be painted, doodled, moulded, a photograph, on a postcard, anything you want.

How could I resist? And, indeed, there has been a lonely knitted snail sitting on my bookshelf for a while now, just waiting for someone to adopt it. So, I contacted Claudia and yesterday I sent my spare snail off to join her collection.

I’m not posting a picture of it, because she won’t have received it yet and I want it to be a surprise. But, all you creative folks out there, why not send Claudia a snail for her exhibition… go on, you know you want to!


P.S. Claudia is also responsible for Random Acts of Dryness, at which point I should, perhaps, mention my friend Sarah who has invented the Cumbrella… do check out these two lovely initiatives – the world needs more people like this.


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