All hands

We are very lucky to have good friends… the sort of people who, when they offer to help, actually mean it. In recent weeks, Mr Snail has slowly been removing the partition wall upstairs in the shop and dismantling the old changing room downstairs. The latter seemed to have been over-engineered and was taking some serious work to get it apart. So, I put the call out and, on Saturday afternoon, four friends turned up to help… and one of them even brought her parents along too!

I had plans for keeping households separate on different jobs (covid, you know), but somehow that didn’t work out and everybody pitched in. In just one afternoon the dismantling was complete, a cupboard had been removed, a bookshelf had been sanded and partly painted (until the paint ran out) and paint had been stripped off the interesting sticky-out bits of concrete on the front of the shop (we have not the first clue what they might be called, but perhaps one of you knows). In addition, tea and coffee had been drunk and cake consumed.

Now we have a big heap of reclaimed timber with which to build a counter and it’s all construction from here on. The shelves we have been offered are ready to be collected (once the owner gets over his bout of covid), so a trip to Manchester is on the cards. It’s all very exciting, because it really feels like we are progressing towards actually being able to open the shop… I really do need to order the stock now for the mendery part of the shop.

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