A ticklish problem

Do you remember my sofa? You know, the one that I decided to make new covers for… by crocheting them:

crochet cushion covers

crochet cushion covers

Well, I’ve noticed a problem recently… crochet cushion covers aren’t feather-proof. Yes, yes, I know it sounds obvious, but it wasn’t something that I had thought would be an issue, because I assumed that the cushion inners would not leak feathers. How wrong I was. We have feathery dogs, feathery clothes, a feathery carpet… It was bad enough that the chickens were moulting, without the sofa joining in too!

Sam - devourer of zips

Sam – devourer of zips

So, this weekend I decided to do something about it. The only things wrong with the original (feather-proof) plain covers were some fading and the fact that Sam had eaten the zips. Yes, that’s right, we have a dog that eats zip fasteners… you get used to always hanging your waterproof coat up, but it’s reasonably difficult to ensure that cushions are always out of reach of a determined pup. Anyway, on reflection, I decided that the old covers could be used as an extra layer under the new crochet ones. The fading wouldn’t matter and they wouldn’t need zips because they wouldn’t need to be removable.

My new weapon

My new weapon

The only thing I needed to make the job easier was a stitch-ripper so that I could take the zips out fairly quickly. An investment of £2 yielded one of these and I spent a couple of hours yesterday extracting the chewed zips. I only managed to stab myself once, and I didn’t draw much blood. The covers were washed overnight and are drying now… so I should soon have cushions that don’t moult!

Whilst I was in a mood for taking things apart yesterday, I also frogged the Portland wool neck-warmer. Now I need to decide on a nice simple, loose crochet stitch to use with this yarn. Any suggestions most welcome.

And now, as the rain and hail alternate outside, I’m going to settle down with a big mug of tea, some biscuits and my knitting and watch a dvd… what a glorious way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

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