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As I mentioned on Sunday, I had an unexpectedly free weekend because a course that I was supposed to be teaching was cancelled. I  filled my Sunday with a fabulous felting course, but I dedicated much of Saturday, in contrast, to the kitchen – baking a couple of cakes (one to take on the course) and making dog biscuits as well as processing apples.

An abundance of apples

An abundance of apples

Some unexpected visitors arrived as I was up to my elbows in apple peelings. Mr Snail-of-happiness made them coffee and entertained them whilst I continued with the apples, and gave them lemon drizzle cake still warm from the oven. They did spend a little time with me in the kitchen, and seemed intrigued by my mountains of apples. ‘Do you really need all those apples?’ one of them asked. A question that rather took me aback because it wasn’t something I had really thought about. I answered ‘Well, they didn’t cost me anything and when I have them I eat them every day for breakfast’.

IMGP1596On reflection, however, this seems like a rather lame answer. It is true that I find it hard to turn down free, healthy, fresh food and that I like cooked apples, but this only brushes the surface. I could have talked about all the food miles we would save by making use of this sort of resource; about these apples not having been exposed to pesticides; about the joy of sharing an abundance; about the value of home-produced food; about the way it is possible to preserve a harvest without industrial processing and the use of artificial additives; about the satisfaction of opening the dresser to see rows and rows of bottles and jars packed with delicious food; of the exchange of plants and seeds and crops that these apples are linked to… I could go on. But, perhaps it’s for the best that I didn’t inflict this sort of evangelism on a friend – I think it might have been off-putting… and we all know the trouble that an enthusiasm for apples can cause! Perhaps simply saying that I’m saving money by using free food is all most people want to know! And perhaps that’s one of the answers that would encourage others to enjoy this sort of abundance.

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