Weekend 2 – Palletgate 4

Mr Snail has been writing about the garden again, so once more I can just reblog his post for your entertainment (he was really chuffed with all your visits the other day and even more chuffed that some of you decided to follow his blog too). Enjoy…


Drilling Holes in Palletgate - that'll teach it!Drilling Holes in Palletgate – that’ll teach it!

With still-aching limbs, and an extra hour in bed as we moved to GMT (proper time), I trepidly approached my other task of the weekend – the repair of (cue halloweeny-type scary music) PALLETGATE.

Ex-hurricane Gorblimey didn’t only vent its anger on the willow hedge. It also encouraged certain nails in Palletgate’s construction to make various bids for freedom, leaving the gate looking decidedly weak.

Fortunately, I had already assessed the situation and, realising that I couldn’t simply ignore it and hope it would fix itself*, I had been and purchased roofing bolts and plates (the flat metal kind rather than the good ones you eat yummy stuff off). Although the bolts and plates had come from our nearest town (Lampeter, the first town in the UK with a loyalty card scheme) I actually had to buy more bolts from my local big…

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Palletgate 2: The Next Day

Mr Snail-of-Happiness has been at it again.

I daren’t venture into the garden when he’s doing DIY-type things – read this and you will understand why.

Palletgate 2: The Next Day


He does so love repairs


Mr Snail-of-Happiness has been busy in the garden recently, doing clever things with a pallet… me and the chickens are very impressed.You can read all about it here:


Clever Mr S-o-h

Clever Mr S-o-h

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