The end of the great egg famine

The past few months have seen us very short of eggs. For the first time in about six years we resorted to buying them. The very dark days this winter with all the rain, combined with the demise of Esme have been the cause. Previous hens have laid a few eggs throughout the winter, but this has not been the case with the bluebell girls and elderly Lorna only manages about three eggs every two weeks. A brief burst from Tiffany a couple of weeks ago allowed us to have a few lunches involving poached or boiled eggs, but alas she has stopped laying again. As for Anna – nada. At this rate we are going to have to consider increasing the flock – eggs had become a really important component of our diet and their absence also means no cake!


The new residents* are impressed!

It was with great joy, therefore, that we accepted a gift of four eggs from Kate the other day. Now, you might feel that four eggs is rather stingy. But, what if I tell you they are goose eggs? Each one weighs about 165g – nearly 6oz! For comparison I weighed one of Lorna’s eggs and that came in at 70g – less than 2.5oz. I don’t often get to cook with goose eggs, but my experience is that they make deliciously light cakes… and so I used two of them to make a huge chocolate-orange cake, with chocolate-orange butter cream and a chocolate ganache topping.

So, if any of you are passing in the next day or so… call in for the most delicious cake, made with an ingredient that most people will never get the chance to use.


Quick before the critters get it!


* There has been a bit of an invasion: two mousevaarks – Iolanthe and Arnoldo – and Tali, a molevaark**.

**It’s amazing what some people do with old socks!

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