Some finished objects for Friday

As it’s Friday I thought I’d show off a few recently finished objects… I’ve been relatively quiet about crafting over the past few weeks, mainly because there’s been so much to share about food and gardening, but that does not that I’ve not been busy with my hooks and needles. I’ve made two pairs of snails – one of which has its own carry bag made out of an old pyjama leg (!) – a hedgehog (a commission which has gone to Belgium I think), a hat for my mum for her birthday, and some socks.

The hat and the colourful snail wool are both yarn that I bought from Colinette in January before they closed. The brown snail yarn is from West Yorkshire Spinners. The cream yarn used in all the snails is from The Inkpot. And the socks are knitted from Regia yarn for my swap with Kathryn.

So have you any finished objects to share… knitted, sewn, written, painted, drawn… anything creative?

Spike and Shy

A little while ago I received a commission to make a hedgehog and, feeling a bit lazy, I decided to buy a pattern bundle by Kati Galusz rather than create my own. It turned out that this was a good choice as the bundle included two styles of hedgehog with permission to sell them. So I made one of each in order that my customer could choose:

Of course I should have known that it was impossible to choose and the customer would want them both… and so they have gone off to their new home. I haven’t been able to share these pictures until now because the hedgies were a birthday present for one of my readers. However, earlier in the month I submitted the picture of Spike to the UK Hand Knitting Association, where she is currently the September pin-up on Facebook:

UKHKA FB Page header for September 2015

UKHKA FB Page header for September 2015

For which I received some lovely sock yarn as a prize:

Lovely new yarn

Lovely new yarn

Before they left, Shy and Spike did get to meet a wild cousin…. even more shy than Shy:

Meeting a cousin late one night

Meeting a cousin late one night

And now I’m working on an Antipodean version as I’ve been asked whether I could make an Echidna!

Garden wildlife

Our nest box cam has revealed twelve eggs! Can’t believe that a tiny blue tit has produced such a large clutch.

A visitor to the fruit cage

When we moved into our house, there was nothing in the garden but lawn and patio, but we have managed to create a space that is both productive and wildlife friendly. We get hedgehog visitors, frogs, toads and lizards… often in the fruit cage, where they are safe from chickens (which will certainly eat frogs). The shed sits on concrete plinths with wet hollows between to provide habitat for amphibians.

Making use of the peanut feeder

But our most noticeable achievement is the bird population. The willow hedge provides food and perches for birds and we also have bird feeders both on a post and attached to the windows. We never used to see any birds in the garden and now we regularly have sparrows, dunnock, great tit, blue tit, chaffinch, robin, thrush, blackbird and starling, plus we see greenfinch, greater spotted woodpecker, goldfinch, wren, chiffchaff (I think) and this morning a jackdaw using a peanut feeder. We also see red kite flying over, but they don’t tend to come down very often. Whilst this list doesn’t include anything particularly rare, it does show how much progress we have made over the years. Our focus has not specifically been on creating a wildlife garden but we have incorporated elements that help in this respect.

It is very satisfying to think that whilst creating productivity for ourselves, we have also managed create abundance for other living things.

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