Two by two

Sometimes it really is easier to do two things at once. Whilst I await  several promised squares for the Masterpiece (from Canada, the UK, India and the US) I have been working on Jacob’s hoody. The back and front are now complete and I have been knitting the sleeves this week. One thing I don’t like about knitting is all the care that is required to ensure that two pieces match exactly.

Sleeves: two at a time

Sleeves: two at a time

However, because I have some lovely KnitPro circular needles, with interchangeable wires, I have been able to use a long wire and knit the sleeves simultaneously, thus avoiding the possibility of making them different shapes or lengths! I don’t think that the work progresses much quicker this way, but it certainly saves effort in terms of counting rows and interpreting the pattern.

Once the sleeves are done, I just have the hood and pockets to knit, so this super-warm creation should be ready just in time for the British summer: perfect timing!

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