Despite the weather…

It’s been a very mixed summer so far – alternating sunshine and rain with some strong winds thrown in. We are getting reasonable crops from the garden, including this first harvest of heritage French beans:


we ate them last night: they were tender and delicious

But, in these uncertain conditions, the limery is coming into its own. Not only does it provide us with a bright, dry place to sit even when the weather is less than summery, it’s also giving us beautiful flowers and crops that need the warmth.

And on days when there is a glimmer of sunshine, we get rainbows from Pauline’s light catcher… every home should have one (really, I mean it… head over to her blog and commission one).


my light catcher is full of charms of personal significance (you can read about it here)

Of course, sometimes there are also rainbows in the sky:


this is one from last week


Three Things Thursday: 18 August 2016

As usual I’m joining with Emily of Nerd in the Brain (and others) for Three Things Thursday’. As she says…

*three things that make me smile: an exercise in gratitude – feel free to steal this idea with wild abandon and fill your blog with the happy*

First, I’m smiling at rainbows. There’s a saying that you can’t have rainbows without rain, but it’s completely untrue. If you have one of Pauline’s fantastic light-catchers, you just need a little sunshine.

Second, seeing the limery as I envisaged it… with loads of plants, crops to pick and space for us too:


this is how we see it from the kitchen

Third, happy dogs. A close friend of mine has just lost one of her dogs and has another seriously ill (possibly because of salmonella or poison) and so I’m taking time to feel grateful for Sam and Max. I also want to say thank you to everyone who has a shelter/rescue dog – there are so many unwanted dogs, let’s give them all homes before we start deliberately making more.

So that’s it for this week. What are you feeling grateful for?

…and a little extra one that has happened today (I knew it was going to, but not exactly when)… I’m day 231 here and you can watch the video tutorial here


Talented friends

When I first started blogging I never realised what extraordinary people it would put me in contact with.

Today I want to share the creations of two friends – both met through this blog, but one who lives on the other side of the world and one who lives (literally) just round the corner (about 500m away).

Katie is the one close at hand. How, you may wonder, is it possible to have so much in common with someone in the next street, but never to meet them? Well, because of health issues, Katie doesn’t get out much; she does, however, experience the world through the internet. And so we met through our blogs… gradually coming to the realisation that, not only do we both live in west Wales, but we are on each other’s doorstep! Katie does the most beautiful crochet, so I was delighted a couple of weeks ago when she presented me with some of her work – a stunning summer shawl. I had seen this as a work in progress earlier in the year and had admired the colours, but I had no idea that one day it might be mine:

Beautiful shawl

Beautiful shawl

And here’s some detail:

intricate work, lovely colours

intricate work, lovely colours

Not being well, Kaite doesn’t blog very often, but you can see some of the amazing stuff that she has made here.

The second item I’m now the proud owner of is from Pauline, The Contented Crafter, in New Zealand. I already have an original picture from Pauline (swapped for a dragon), but have been hankering after one of her light catchers for a while now. I was over the moon, therefore, when she told me she wanted a few of my creations, including a shy hedgehog, and were were able to arrange another swap. I think I may have come out best from this exchange, because she made me the most amazing light catcher to hang in the limery. The charms on it represent so many parts of my life:

In addition to all this, the light catcher also gives us rainbows:

Find the rainbows in your life!

Find the rainbows in your life!

What a fortunate person I am!

If you would like of of Pauline’s light catchers, she does commissions. Check out her gift shop here.

So, there you are… all because of being open to making new friends through blogging.

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