New year, New skill

Happy New Year, dear readers.

Sadly the beginning of 2021 has been a bit of a damp squib… we are lockdown again, with no end in sight. Trying to look on the bright side, this means I should have plenty of opportunity to do lots of creative things, including sewing some of the new fabrics I have bought recently. And, of course, I have lots of yarn to keep me occupied. At the beginning of the year I completed a ScrapHappy project, so you’ll have to wait a few days to see that and then I wondered what to do next. There’s a WIP that I’d like to get finished, but it didn’t inspire me, so I turned to my latest Little Box of Crochet and a new technique therein, namely Tunisian crochet.

Tunisian crochet is something I’ve wondered about for a while. It looked to me like a cross between knitting and crochet and I wasn’t sure that it was worth bothering with. However, when you are presented with all the equipment (well, actually just a strange crochet hook that has a cable on the end) and instructions, it’s time to dive in. In fact, it turns out that it’s just crochet in rows with stitches kept on the hook on alternate rows. You work back and forth always with the right side facing.

I’ve surprised myself by rather enjoying making this cowl and I will certainly be exploring Tunisian crochet further and following Natalie, the designer, who blogs at Detroit Knots and has some interesting patterns for sale.

So, have you tried anything new so far this new year?

Months of yarny makes

Being trapped at home over the past few months has not inspired me to write much, but I have been busy making, so I thought I would share some of what I’ve been up to…

There’s been plenty of crochet and a bit of knitting. I finally got round to completing a coatigan in Jacob wool for my friend Kt. This latter project got held up whilst I awaited the arrival of some beautiful handmade toggles, plus I added some pockets , which the original pattern did not include. It has gone to it’s new home now and seems to be greatly appreciated.

I made a duffle bag – a kit from the lovely Little Box of Crochet, who I’ve taken out a subscription with to provide me with a parcel of cheerfulness and inspiration every two months. Although the pattern didn’t suggest it, I lined the bag, which I think will make it much more useable. It’s rather subtle bleached driftwood colors, so I chose a nice bright green lining to provide a startling contrast. I also made a poinsettia mandala, which uses a surface crochet technique that was new to me and can be used to produce lovely effects., Then there was a tiny Daisy-alike using a pattern from Toft. Finally, there has also been a bit of knitting in the form of a pair of socks which had been hanging around unfinished for months prior to all this staying at home business and which I finally got round to working on because I needed a portable project to take with me when I went on a mission of mercy that required a lot of waiting around.

I’ve also made some more Dorset buttons after my initial trials. First, a peacock brooch and then a variety of sizes to form a necklace. They are fun to make and I think many future projects are likely to incorporate them.

As the winter draws in and we’ll be spending even more time at home, I’m planning a big scrap yarn project plus I have plenty of lovely wool just waiting for inspiration to strike, so I don’t think I shall be short of more yarny creativity for a while yet.

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