The kindness of friends

In “A Streetcar Named Desire” (now that’s a depressing play if ever there was one) Blanche DuBois’ most famous line is

I have always depended on the kindness of strangers

… and I thought of using it as the title for this post. But it’s not really appropriate, because I consider all the kindness that has been (and continues to be) bestowed on me as a result of my requests for squares to be from friends… even if you weren’t before, you are now.

Cosy squares and vintage crochet

Cosy squares and vintage crochet

The latest little package that has arrived is from Kerry (Love those “Hands at Home”). It contained two fabulous squares using a crochet technique that she learned during a very trying time in her life. You can read the story of the resulting blanket and the associated flood here. She had a couple of squares remaining from this time and sent them to me to add to my latest friendship blanket (still the squares keep coming – thank you one and all). I really love the pattern… in fact I’m so taken with it that I’m planning to use it for one of the big cushions on my sofa. It has some affinities to Bavarian crochet, so should be relatively easy for me to pick up. But the squares weren’t the only thing in the package, there was also a piece of vintage crochet, worked by some unknown lady (well, ok that’s an assumption, but I’m sure I’m right) in the most amazingly fine thread and at such an incredible density that it is stiff. I’m adding this to my collection of lovely things that I have received with the friendship squares. Like the cards I received from Pauline (The Contented Crafter) I want to frame this.

The Dangler of International Happiness – isn’t it beautiful?

And talking of Pauline, I was thrilled to see her post yesterday on another collaborative effort… The Dangler of International Happiness. This work of art is another example of the generosity of crafty bloggers from around the world. In fact, it was initiated by Fran over at The Road to Serendipity rather than Pauline herself. I love how all the different elements have been drawn together to make this…  and so, really I think there is a much more apt quote from Blanche DuBois that sums it all up:

Oh look, we have created enchantment.

And haven’t we just?

Next group project? Something for Fran!

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