Vaarks on parade

Fed up being back at work after a long weekend? Let me make you smile…

To celebrate the coming of spring, there has been much silliness in Vaark Land. These are the contributions from Chez Snail to the Twitter Vaark Spring/Easter/Oestra bonnet parade:


First we have Arnoldo in his top hat


Next, Iolanthe in a more traditional bonnet


Then Rosalind in a fascinator inspired by Alexander McQueen’s 2008 spring collection (really)


Snailvaark in a classic


And, finally, Tali as a daffodil

And the group together:

You can check out more wonderful creations from my fellow vaark owners on our Pinterest board. Oh, and if you want to make your own mousevaark, Danielle’s pattern is available to buy here.

Did you do anything silly over the weekend?

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