Snail has an adventure

snail finalOnce upon a time the Snail of Happiness and the Snail of Doom and the bag of worms* got taken out for a visit to meet Tammi. Unfortunately, when they got to the place they were supposed to be meeting, Tammi couldn’t come, so the snails stayed safely in a bag out of the way of the other people who were there.

On the way home, the snails stopped to go to the university library to drop off a book and collect a new reader’s card. Snail of Doom was so excited that he jumped out of his bag and escaped into the wild!

He was so quiet about it that no one noticed.

When everyone else arrived home, they got out of the bag – did a quick head count and discovered that there was someone missing. The car was searched, the bags were emptied, the car was searched again. Disaster!

So, back in the car – the worms stayed at home, but Sam and Max came this time – drive 17 miles back to Aberystwyth and into the car park. A lovely man who was just parking in our old space kindly moved his car to allow a search to me made… he was remarkably straight-faced when told that the missing creature was a purple snail! But, no sign of the Snail of Doom.

More searching round the car park, to no avail. Retrace our steps… and there along the path in the small patch of conifers, the Snail of Doom. Hurrah! Celebration!

Good job I chose the Snail of Doom to knit, not the Cheetah of Doom!


* They are moving into a can soon!

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