A work of craft

Recently I have been absolutely blown away by some beautiful pieces of craft work that I have seen on various blogs. There are some genuine master pieces being created by some genuine masters (mistresses?) of their respective crafts and so, I thought that I would share a few of these with you.

First is the Twisted Yarn’s rainbow stained glass window afghan. This is truly beautiful and a real labour of love.

Second is Kate Chiconi’s tree of life quilt… a gift for her brother that she’s travelling half way round the world to deliver.

Third is Nana Cathy’s crochet squares blanket… all her own work, unlike my own blanket.

Fourth is The Grange Range’s baby boots… so detailed!

Fifth is Dani’s Bavarian crochet, which I have to include because I know it is even more lovely in reality than in the photograph.

And, finally, for now Mollybean’s slouchy blanket, which she is very modest about, but I think is beautiful.

I don’t want to infringe anyone’s copyright, so I haven’t posted the pictures here, just the links. You can see them all if you go to my Master Pieces Pinterest board, which I will be adding to from now on. For this page, you’ll just have to make do with my Masterpiece in its current form:

My Masterpiece

My Masterpiece


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