There be dragons

Well, 2015 is turning into a year of dragons – two so far and a third in the planning stage (well, I have the yarn).

The first you already know about: a dragon neck warmer. The pattern is adapted from the one in the book Crochet Ever After. The person it is for was not sure about the snout, so I made some changes. This was made entirely from New Lanark wool in blueberry, black, limestone and iris. It’s all completed now and it on it’s way to its new home… it appears that it is going to be called Jan!

The second dragon (which was actually made first) has finally reached its recipient and so I can reveal it:

This is a Fierce Little Dragon, who has travelled all the way to Tasmania with a story all of his own (written by Mr Snail) to live with Fran and Steve on Serendipity Farm and be the Guardian of Sanctuary. Originally, the idea was that I would make some bunting as a decoration for Sanctuary, but it turns out that bunting is particularly uninspiring… especially when you have a burning desire to make a dragon! This is one more of my Random Crafts of Kindness and was an idea cooked up with Pauline, The Contented Crafter (see her post here)… apparently she wasn’t inspired by bunting either!!

So, after these two, the next one has to be a proper Welsh dragon…

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