ScrapHappy February 2023

There’s been a lot of ScrapHappiness at The Snail of Happiness this month.

The lovely Sew Social ladies who came for a class at the end of January really enjoyed experimenting with some sashiko. We used new sashiko thread, but all the stitching was on the same cream-coloured scrap fabric that I mentioned in last month’s post. Anyway, everyone seemed to have fun and I hope I’ve inspired future use of scraps.

Back in the land of crochet, there had to be bollard covers for Dydd Santes Dwynwen and Valentines day. As usual, these were made entirely from scrap yarn…

During the first covid lockdown I made some curtains for our bathroom out of a saree. The remaining fabric has been languishing in my scrap collection ever since. I use a small amount of it to make a gift bag last year, but in the past month I have finally got around to some more curtains for two small windows in the shop.

And finally, I’ve started work on another rag rug. For this one I’m using an old coffee sack kindly sourced for me by Conti’s Ice Cream. Their coffee supplier will send boxes of coffee sacks for re-use. I selected one with a lovely bird design on which to base my latest rag rug. I dug out lots of bits of beige/brown fabric and some bright blue and am making a simplified version of the bird in the original colours.

We are continuing to encourage the love of scraps and there are several more projects in the pipeline. Watch this space!


I’ve been inspired to write this (and future) ScrapHappy posts by Kate,  Tall Tales from Chiconia. On the fifteenth of every month lots of folk often publish a ScrapHappy post, do check them out:

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If you fancy joining, contact Kate and she’ll add you to the list. It would be lovely to see more non-sewing posts, but any use of scraps is welcome.

A bit of glam

I was going to save this post for next month’s ScrapHappy, but I just couldn’t wait four weeks to share it.

Many many years ago I was invited to a wedding. I and the friend who I was going with had form in terms of making and wearing outfits for various events, but we were both feeling a bit lazy and decided that we would buy something to wear rather than do the sewing ourselves. We discussed what to do and finally settled on a trip to The Bombay Stores in Bradford… I would buy a saree and she would buy an Indian suit. Off we went with my mum and had a wonderful time choosing our outfits. I think hers was really vibrant, whilst mine was lilac and gold. And then… we were asked to be the bridesmaids.

Our Indian outfits were put to one side and we ended up wearing deep purple velvet dresses. That could be the start of a ScrapHappy post in itself, as Mr Snail has a waistcoat made from my dress – I may even have the remaining scraps somewhere. But that’s not what this post is about… this post is about that saree, which I have had ever since but never found the opportunity to wear. I came across it when I was sorting out my work room and decided that its time had come.

Spending a lot of time at home this year, I have increasingly become aware that some parts of the house are tattier than others, and that some revamping is in order. During our latest lockdown I decided to tackle the bathroom. Really the whole bathroom suite needs replacing, but that will have to wait. However, I had already bought some paint to spruce things up a bit and so I was able to improve the walls quite quickly. Obviously the curtains had to come down and once they had I knew that they weren’t going back up again as they had suffered over the years and faded in stripes. Interestingly, the linings had survived perfectly, although the rufflette tape was disintegrating. I dismantled them, retained the lining and bought some more tape… and then I took a deep breath and set to with my scissors and that saree.

Fortunately the width of the saree was perfect for the drop of the curtains so no top or bottom hems were required, and I only had to shorten the lining a little. I put the wider border at the top, where it conceals the stitching and provides additional strength. I did iron the fabric, but because it had been folded in pleats for more than 25 years it’s going to take a while longer for the creases to disappear completely. I’m rather pleased with the outcome – what do you think?

Oh, and I still have a couple of metres or saree left to do something else with.

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