A new policy

I’m not a big fan of manic decluttering, but I have decided to make a concerted effort over the next few weeks to have a bit of a clear out. In the past couple of weeks (inspired by Rev Darkwater’s year [and beyond] of shedding) I have been trying to deal with one thing every day. Yesterday, this took the form of making pudding for the hens from a pot of semolina that had been languishing in a cupboard for way too long.


Some of my book collection… some of them are going to go

In fact, yesterday was particularly good because I also sold a pile of books. I used one of those buying web sites – you type in the ISBN of your book and they make you an offer. It’s very easy and does not involve all the time effort and stress associated with selling items individually via an auction site or shop. Simply agree (or don’t) then pack up the books, print out the address label and attach it to the parcel and drop the package off at the local collection point – in our case one of the newsagents in town. Throughout my life I have preferred to accumulate rather than shed books, but the time has come to admit that I have piles and piles of the things that I will never read again and many of them are simply making me feel weighed down by the past. Time to get rid of them and pass them on to someone who will be able to make use of them.



On the drying rack today

A slower process is associated with dealing with the vintage linens. I have progressed on from handkerchiefs to yards and yards of lace and broderie anglais. My focus at the moment is on laundering all of this, but I really also need to start adding my listings to the etsy shop, which is going to take ages to begin with, but should be worthwhile. In the mean time if anyone is looking for vintage or reclaimed lace, do give me a shout… I probably have what you need!! I’m finding the process of turning a box of tired-looking trimmings into beautiful, starched loveliness rather satisfying. I just hope there will be new homes somewhere out there where it will be loved.

How long I am going to be able to maintain shedding one item each day I don’t know, but I have certainly decided on a strict no net gains policy. This means that if I buy anything (other than consumables) from now on, something that I own will have to go. The house is already cluttered enough and we really feel the need to free up a bit of space (and not just by stuffing things in the loft).

With the arrival of some very special wool today (more on that later), I have another nice strong box in which to send off some more books… and earn some money to pay for the wool! That seems like a good exchange to me these days: text books out, wool in!


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