Details, details

Looking at recent posts, I realise that it’s a while since I wrote about anything yarn related. There are two reasons for this. First, I was making something that I didn’t want to reveal until it reached the recipient and since I only posted it on Saturday, it’s going to be a while before it gets to the other side of the world. However, it was a playful project and so I will just tease you with a sneak preview:

I've been using some beads

I’ve been using some beads

And, second, I didn’t want to bore you with more of the same, as I’ve been making more scrunchies and dishcloths to add to my stock for sale. However, I have also crocheted a jumper for Mr Snail’s friend Auguste (more on this in a future post… possibly from him not me) and I have finally come to terms with my button needs.

For some time now I have been waiting for some buttons to be made for me. I’ve waited and waited, but they have not been forthcoming. So, last week I bit the bullet and looked for an alternative source. I had a few requirements: they couldn’t be too heavy, and I didn’t want plastic, metal (Sam chews metal) or wood. So, finally, I settled for some beautiful shell ones. These have arrived and so I’m now completing my sofa cushions (the first phase of covering my sofa). I’m not ready for the grand reveal on this project either because there’s quite a bit of construction yet to do, but here are a few details:

Much of my time has been taken up recently preparing teaching materials, but I’m hoping that I will have a bit more opportunity for creativity in coming weeks.

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