Spread a little happiness

Slowly (what else?), the snails of happiness are taking over:

Baby Bear with her snail

Baby Bear with her snail

Thanks to Badshah for letting me use this picture of Baby Bear enjoying her ‘snail of snuggles’. He says it’s her second favorite toy and would probably be number 1 if it had a bell on it!

This is a special baby-friendly snail – completely washable and with no wire in the shell.

Bowled over

Fairly recently I came across the concept of a yarn bowl – a heavy bowl with a curved slot in it. You put your ball of yarn in the bowl, slip the strand you are using into the slot, place the bowl on the floor and the yarn is fed out without the ball rolling around all over the place getting dirty and entangled in the furniture/shoes/dog. The first one of these I saw was on a German website, making it prohibitively expensive when the shipping was taken into account… and anyway, there would have been loads of yarn-bowl-miles associated with it.

The happy snail yarn bowl

The happy snail yarn bowl

I’ve never seen one made by a local potter, so a little Googling was required. As I should have expected, etsy listed a number of sources. But I was absolutely astonished to see that the Little Wren Pottery sells a happy snail yarn bowl! There really aren’t many happy snails in the world so I just had to have one. I was made to order for me by hand and arrived yesterday.


The yarn is fed through the spiral slot in the snail’s shell – brilliant

OK, it’s from North Yorkshire, so does have a few miles associated with it, but I’m really delighted to have supported a small business and to have added to my small collection of happy snails – thank you Victoria.

Slugs and snails and other knitted creatures…

This week is ‘world wide knit in public‘ week, but unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to get out there and click my needles for the intrigue of passers-by. The week after next will be different as I have a couple of long train journeys and some socks just waiting to be knitted. As an alternative now I thought that I would show off some of my creations here.

Just visiting this blog introduces you to some of my knitting – there at the top you can see the snails of happiness and doom. They were knitted for a teaching activity involving group story-telling (you’ll have to come on one of my permaculture courses to enjoy the full experience!), but I have been working on a variety of other creatures, so here’s a selection:

A citrus lime tree full of snails

Snails for sale… I’m planning to sell these at the permaculture convergence in Cardiff later in the summer

Daddy, mommy and baby slugs… actually they were prototype snail bodies.

Worms in my basil and bunching onions

Just to prove I’ve been gardening too: a butterfly on the Hungarian wax peppers

I hope you are inspired at least to knit if not to knit in public…

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