It seems to me that large manufacturers and retailers are genuinely out of touch with the public. As environmental awareness increases and there are more and more demands for reductions in packaging, ditching unnecessary single-use containers and abandoning built-in obsolescence, it’s time that big corporations made some changes. Now I know that it takes dinosaurs a long time to respond, but I can’t help feeling that some of the reluctance to change is because it’s simply easier not to. However, it is not impossible – specifications can be amended, processes can be modified, expectations can be altered. Making the excuse that it’s because of economics just does not wash (economics are a fiction – plastic in the sea killing marine life is a reality).

So, I have decided that I will take action. I already vote with my money, but that’s a rather private action and, whilst it is important, is not going to make a huge difference in isolation. I am, therefore, taking to social media with direct, public messages to companies that I have issues with. Today, via Twitter, I targeted Seasalt, who make lovely organic clothes, claim to be environmentally responsible and pack all their goods in plastic.2018-08-21 (2)They did respond, which is at least something, but obviously it’s easier to blame someone else:2018-08-21 (3)

They haven’t responded further, but I hope that other people will join in and we might be able to persuade them to make the change.

I would like to think that shaming companies publicly might have some effect, because after all social media is a key part of their marketing strategy. Perhaps you’d like to join me? Do tell me about any companies that you have contacted and how they have responded. Perhaps we can support each other and make our ripples into waves.

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Increasingly I discover people who read this blog, but who never leave a comment. Hello to all of you!

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Come and join the party!

I know that one of the issues is that, to comment, you either have to have a WordPress blog or give some of your details,¬†and many of you don’t want to do this. So, as an alternative, I have set up a Facebook page for the blog (and perhaps more). In theory, a link to each blog post should appear on the page as soon as it is published. If you have a Facebook account, you can leave any comments there. I also have a Twitter account (@thesnailofhappy) and links to all my posts automatically appear there too – and can be commented on (briefly). To follow me on Twitter, simply click on the link on the right.

If you want to join in with the conversation¬†and already make use of one of these forms of social media, where’s no need to share your details with WordPress.

I really hope this means that I’ll hear the thoughts of more of you out there.

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