Three Things Thursday: 31 August 2017

My weekly exercise in gratitude – three things that are making me smile – feel free to steal this idea with wild abandon and fill your blog [or Twitter account or Facebook page or diary or life in general] with happiness.

Yesterday was Mr Snail’s birthday, so we had a day out, which included lots of things to make us smile:

First, brunch at Wright’s Food Emporium. We’ve wanted to visit this interesting little eatery ever since the folks at our local farm shop recommended it. The food is all freshly prepared and it is delicious. Mr Snail had bubble and squeak with a poached egg on the top and I had French toast with bacon and maple syrup. Both were delicious. We had thought that we might follow up with cake (they have lots), but we were both too full. Another visit specifically for cake is in order, I think.

Second, stitched fungi. We visited the National Botanic Garden of Wales and were really taken by these panels created by the Stitching Botanicals group.

Third, sinuous water. Not exactly The Serpentine, but this lovely water feature runs down the main drive at the botanic gardens, swirling into a fountain at the bottom. I really like the sinuous path that it follows, although it’s quite difficult to photograph effectively.

So, that’s what’s making me happy this week. How about you?


Emily of Nerd in the Brain originally created Three Things Thursday, but it’s now being hosted by Natalie of There She Goes.

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