A wild and woolly new year

We have mostly been staying safe indoors since the year began, although we did manage to walk down into our local town, Aberaeron, for lunch at The Harbourmaster to celebrate my birthday on Tuesday. Other than that the weather has been pretty bad, and on Friday storm surges combined with naturally high tides wrecked havoc just north of us in Aberystwth and filled the harbour here in Aberaeron to the brim. The weather has subsequently improved, but only to the point of raining about 50% of the time. I just wish it would brighten up and allow us to go for some of those lovely frosty walks that I like so much. For us, climate change seems to be manifesting itself in the form of wind and rain (not surprising as it is linked to extra energy in the atmosphere).

Hurrah for British Wool!

Hurrah for British Wool!

The result is that we are spending lots of time indoors. This means that I have completed knitting the latest socks for barter – these are to be exchanged for a leather strap and base for a bag that I’m going to felt from the wool from my last bartering activity. And now I’m ready to start on my next piece of work for barter: four snail squares in exchange for some seeds. Originally, I was going to use wool oddments, but then I was placing an order for some British wool from Blacker Yarns and saw that they had some colours available that would look really lovely in the spiral design, so those are what I am going to use… photographed here with a book that Mr Snail-of-happiness got me for my birthday, written by the proprietor of Blacker Yarns.

In addition, there has been quite a bit of activity with the Masterpiece blanket, and I have added photographs of quite a few squares made in the last week or so. It’s going to be a really diverse design, even with the squares that I have made, let alone all the ones coming from other people. I will put a border around every square eventually, probably in black, so that each one is ‘framed’ and the blanket has some consistency throughout. Since the forecast indicates rainy weather for some days to come, I think I’m going to have plenty more time for such activities!

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