A complete twit

No. not that sort of tweet

No, not that sort of tweet

I have finally bitten the bullet and set up a Twitter account – I think this may mean that I am a Twit! I have to confess that my decision to join is mainly the result of curiosity, and perhaps I am late jumping on the bandwagon, but maybe it will be a good way to promote courses and my yarny creations – who knows?

I would be fascinated to hear other people’s experiences.

Anyway, my user name, unsurprisingly, is thesnailofhappiness and you can tag me @thesnailofhappy (happiness was four letters too many for Twitter). Eventually I will work out how to put a button here on the blog to allow you to follow me, but currently that is just too much of a challenge for my enfeebled brain.

Tweets seem to have an incredibly short life-span unless they get re-tweeted many times, so I don’t really understand how it’s useful for someone like me who doesn’t have hundreds of followers, but we will see…

… and now, in another effort to practice being concise, I’m going to write a Haiku – all will be explained tomorrow.


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