Trade socks

Trade goods are items specifically made to be used for trade (barter) rather than by the manufacturer or to be sold for money. And here are my first trade goods…

Trade socks... all packed and ready to go, along which a little sunny card

Trade socks… all packed and ready to go, along with a little sunny card

In exchange for these socks, I have (already) received a large box of felting wool, from which I plan to make a big colourful bag. And when I say colourful, it really will be if I use all of the shades:

All this for a pair of socks!

All this for a pair of socks… mind you, they do takeĀ  about 20 hours to knit!

I envisage it having a shoulder strap (perhaps made from an old leather belt) and being big enough to hold an A4 folder. I also intend that it has a flap to keep the rain out. I’m going to have to start off working round a really big resist (the plastic insert that allows you to create a three-dimensional object without the need for seams) to get a big enough bag. This will be the largest felting project I have ever undertaken, but it should be really fun. Now, I just need to find the time to do it!

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