Unwanted things

Katy's hexagons... there's 46 of them

Katy’s hexagons… there’s 46 of them

Did I mention that last week Katy the Night Owl donated a bag of crochet hexagons to our charity blanket project? She decided that she was never going to make anything from them, so passed them on to me to use. Today I took them to our latest cake and craft afternoon to see if I could get someone to turn them into a lap blanket. Sadly I wasn’t at my most persuasive, but I did get a couple of offers to stitch them together once they were edged, so I spent the afternoon and part of this evening edging them with white yarn donated by my mum. Once they have been sewn together, I’ll do an outer edge round them in a contrasting colour and we should have a completed blanket… all from unwanted things.

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  1. You’re right. Pretty to begin with, the white edging finishes them off nicely. What happens once someone has sewn them together as a lap blanket, an online charity auction perhaps?
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


    • We are planning to have a raffle – an auction was suggested, but I vetoed it. I really don’t like the idea that only affluent people would have the chance of winning one of the blankets, a raffle seems much fairer – if you can only afford £1, you still might end up with a lovely hand-crafted object.
      xxx hugs xxx


  2. Your donation of hexagons and white yarn are not unwanted merely pre-loved, and I’m sure the future recipient will treasure the blanket all the more for that very reason, such beautiful work going to a good cause 🙂


  3. A miracle from ‘unconsidered trifles’ as Shakespeare calls them… Everything that has been made with love has a use, and I like the use to which you’re putting these.


  4. Have you seen the yarn bombing with granny squares in Helsinki on the steps outside Helsinki Cathedral? It’s amazing! I hope this link works: https://www.facebook.com/designdautore/photos/a.372595339447196.95013.112397672133632/575041872535874/?type=1&fref=nf


  5. It’s nice to see them coming together, Jan. They really are set off by that edging of white – something I wouldn’t have thought to do when I made them 🙂



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