Whilst I’m busy trying to boost my stock levels for my stall at the IPC, I also know that it’s important have a break and do something different sometimes.

So, this is what my work table has looked like over the past few days:

Isn’t that exciting? I don’t often use a protractor and compasses. And, look, I’ve got a new hole punch for paper and fabric (although it has struggled a little with the scrim backing on the felt I’m using). A couple of months ago I started making a felt bag, but I was really unhappy with the result, so I put my work to one side with the intention of coming back to it later. This weekend I finally admitted that the felt was not what I wanted for the bag and that it was time to do something creative with it.

So, I’ve been experimenting with making little pouches… or perhaps purses. As you can see from the number of templates, I couldn’t quite decide how many holes to make for the drawstrings. In fact, the felt that I’ve been working with is a bit thicker than would be ideal. Nevertheless, I have learned quite a lot and I will add some of the little pouches to my stall in September. I may even get round to making some felt especially for this purpose. What do you think?

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  1. I love them! They are so cute!

    • Well, perhaps I’ll make some more!

      • I love all sorts of little pouches and bags, perfect for little treasures, and yours are very sweet and so colourful. I’ve made them in the past to put little pocket dollies in, kids love them. Wondering what sort of felt it is…..wool or acylic. I’ve not seen felt with scrim on the back? Perhaps if you had something like an eyelet punch, something like this which will give you a sturdy hole, and will go easier through your thicker felt. I vote for making your own felt too, what fun. Yes. keep making more:)

  2. These are lovely!

  3. I think they are very pretty.

  4. I love the look of these – the colours are so eye catching. I’m wondering what I could do with a few of them …… 🙂

  5. They’re very cute, but you’re always going to find felt a bit thick unless you shape your template a bit so there’s less at the top. If you make a flower with slightly pointy rather than round petals, instead of a circle, and do a bit of stitching to join the edges of the petals halfway up, you’ll still have a round pouch but you won’t have so much thickness at the top. And you can still use your compasses to make the shapes!

    • I could make nuno felt which can be cobweb thin and gains its strength from the fabric it’s worked on to. Yet another thing to experiment with. This was just a play because I had already made the brightly coloured felt…

      • Nuno is beautiful, but it’s a lot of work and it would be lovely to see it as some form of garment – an infinity scarf, for example.

  6. The felt is beautiful–I like the colors–and the little bags are very cute and could have all kinds of uses, some whimsical, some not. I think you’re on to something, so keep experimenting.

  7. I am involved in a twice a year craft market that is very successfull and I find pouches of any kind seem to sell well. I dont personally make them but i sell a lot of them that others have made.

  8. Gorgeous! Those would look cute on a Christmas tree. You could tuck in a small gift or coin as well. My friend Liz taught a one day workshop on felting after spending time in New Zealand. It was great fun but a lot of work. I have great admiration for the time and energy it took to make these. Charming.

  9. Those colors are wonderful. They are sure to catch people’s eye.

  10. Sweet! I love the colours! If you grow lavender or camomile in your garden, you could maybe make scented pouches for people to hang in their wardrobe too…


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