More oddments, bigger oddments

Well, it turns out that I’m much more of a squirrel than even I realised. Once I started investigating my collection of yarn scraps after the popularity of my Scraptastic hat, I found that not only did I have two more bags of little bits of yarn, but any number of small balls left over from past projects just waiting to be used. So, I made a whole pile of reversible scraptastic hats:

Lots more hats... various sizes

Lots more hats… various sizes

Then I thought it would be good to try something different and make a stripy hat to use up some of the bigger oddments. So I threw caution to the wind, eschewed the use of a pattern and came up with this:

A very silly hat

A very silly hat

I haven’t made a pompom for about 40 years, but I discovered that I haven’t lost the knack. I don’t think I’ll be making many hats like this as this one took ages, but hopefully someone will find it appealing.

Now I have to make a jellyfish (I’m testing out a pattern for Jenny over at Simply Hooked), two knockers (yes really… follow the link if you don’t know about knitting breasts) and then I want to experiment with a hat with ear flaps… there’s never a dull moment chez snail and everything (except the knockers) is being made out of yarn oddments.

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  1. I was thinking that those scraps would make a lovely tea cosy. But I love the hat!

    • I have a felt cosy that I made for the big pot and a crochet cosy for the little pot made from yarn that Kate Chiconi sent me, so I don’t need any more… and I’m not convinced they would sell as well as hats. I need to do some market research!!

  2. Great hat! 😉

  3. This hat is lovely indeed!

  4. Setting the style again Jan I see. Someone is really going to like that hat.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  5. And once you use all of your scraps? You will have to get more yarn! Clever Ms Snail 🙂

  6. Ha-ha!! I LOVE your silly hat – it made me chuckle out loud. It is a little reminiscent of a Jack-n-the-Box hat – really fun! And the scraptastics will sell like wild fire. Wear one on the day and watch the punters line up ……….. Good Work!!

  7. Murtagh's Meadow

     /  August 6, 2015

    You’ve reminded me of one of the kids story books – called Hamilton’s Hats by Martine Oborne – like you Hamilton loves to make hats. Lovely hat btw!

  8. It’s Wee Willie WInkie’s nightcap! How about scrap mittens, not the fingerless kind, but the ones where all your fingers are together and there’s a separate thumb?

  9. I love your gnome hat, someone will snap it up. My daughter used to make brightly coloured, ombre-style felted gnome type hats for kids when her kids were little, to sell and make some extra money. Well, those hats that were big enough were snapped up by the adults, and she was always being asked to make more to fit bigger heads. I think fun things like that bring out our fun, childlike side. I think tea cosies would sell well too, when I was doing a market stall and had knitted things, I was always asked if I had tea cosies.

  10. Fantastic hats and hat! You are so busy, what with the limery and your yarn work. Wow.

    • You’d never guess that I do actually do paid work too! I think, however, that working from home makes a huge difference. I used to spend a couple of hours a day getting to and from work, and you can plant an awful lot of seeds in that time!

  11. i love the pom pom end hat !

  12. I loved them all and even the silly pom hat. You would always be in a happy mood wearing it, I would think collecting yarn stashes would be so much easier to hide than the fabric stashes I’ve amassed over the years. They squish into hiding spots easier. But you turn out such wonderful things that I’m sure your hubby would have no problem with the bed being a foot or two higher off the floor. I’m sure you will sell every one of those hats. If you don’t, let me know, I think it could be a new fashion statement.


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