Picnic weather

Now that the days are getting longer, our thoughts turn to walks on the beach and picnics.

The day after the winter solstice, the sun shone and we visited Poppit Sands with Sam and Max. We took a flask of coffee and a box of chocolate penguins and celebrated the start of the journey towards spring in style…

On the 25th, the rain fell and so we had a picnic with Auguste and Dogdee II:

We love the limery in winter!


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  1. Hello Snails! I’ve been off line for a week spending special time with my girls – and back just in time to find you picnicing in the Limery – how fabulous!! I was wondering how usable it would be for you during the winter months and it’s looking just fine from those photos! And how wonderful that you can look forward to spring arriving in such a positive fashion too – a walk on the beach is mighty fine any time of the year I always think 🙂

    • The limery was splendid for the picnic… we have a little portable radiator in there, but we hardly needed it since it’s so warm here at the moment. I had a good clean out in there earlier in the week (hence few plants at present) and we spent have spent many hours in there over the past few days.I hope you had a lovely time with your girls and that the weather has been good and Siddy has had plenty of walks. We have been down to various beaches three times this week between the rain, so our two are very happy pups!

  2. It sounds as if the start of your year has blown out all the cobwebs. Those beach scenes look wonderful, cold but sunny and fresh. That limery picnic looks very sophisticated too, with elegant company and food. I’d say the limery was the best thing to happen to you last year!

  3. chocolate penguins? not random at all !!!! 🙂

  4. The limery has already paid for itself in pure joy I think. Auguste and Dogdee II must have been delighted with their invitation to such a feast.
    Walks on the beach in such light are rare at this time of the year, not our usual weather patterns or warmth at all. Hot coffee and chocolate penguins eh. what an accompaniment.
    xxx Huge Hugs to you both xxx

  5. How in the world did you manage before the limery?? A perfect spot for picnics!

  6. A sunny day at the beach and a picnic in the Limery! How much better can it get. I would love a room with so many windows to the outside. It would be a little like heaven. You have such lovely companions on your walks as well. Have a lovely week.

  7. I’m simply quite envious of that coastline you ambled along. 😉 Great picnic spot in the comfort of your Limery whilst the rain lashes at the windows too.

  8. BeckyHelps

     /  December 29, 2015

    Oh I recall taking the kids to Poppit Sands in winter and the sand blowing like, well sand 😀 So cold a thought, so wild, so windy!!! All grown up now, some taking their lovelies to the beach… Thank you for the post, it reminded me. ❤


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