ScrapHappy December

For some time now Kate and Gun have been hosting ScrapHappy each month – an opportunity to show off creations made using scraps. Most of those involved sew, and there’s a predominance of quilting, but when I mentioned my knitting and crochet using yarn oddments, Kate asked whether I’d like to join in. So, here is my first official ScrapHappy post…

Despite much effort going into making squares for Sixty Million Trebles (SMT), I still have lots of yarn left in my scrap bag:


Random colours

Over the past week, rather than traditional granny squares like these (my first blanket for SMT):


an earlier scrap blanket

I’ve been making these:


stripy squares

The joy of this sort of square is that even small lengths of yarn can be used since the core of each requires a very small quantity. I started off using shades of the same or similar colours:


feeling blue

But as I work through my bag I’m becoming progressively more random…


a square in progress

I’ll draw the whole thing together by edging all of them in a single colour, but I’ll have to hunt through my stash and see what I’ve got enough of… I’m hopeful that I won’t have to buy any to complete this scrappy blanket.

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  1. I like everything about this! The random colors are so cheerful and I think the yarn looks happy to have been used!


  2. Going to be a marvellous blanket.


  3. coppicelearner

     /  December 14, 2016

    My mother’s much older sister was always knitting squares from scraps of yarn to make blankets. In fact people used to give her their left over bits of yarn since she could always use them! I have no idea where they went once finished – probably a charity. I loved them and seem to have caught the habit. Even if I set out to knit a throw or similar I always end up using lots of colours. And I always have a bag of granny squares of various types waiting to be enough to join together – the bit I like least!


    • I’ve got to enjoy the joining more now I crochet them together than when I used to sew them. Much of the yarn I’m using for these was given to me to use up or because the donor had just got fed up with it. In fact I’m not sure that any of the yarn in these was originally mine!


  4. I must say, I love the multicoloured ones best 🙂 Such a great scrappy project, and it’s great to see something yarny on ScrapHappy!


  5. Looking good Dr Snail – it’s a wonderful use of the oddments – yours or other peoples 🙂


  6. Very pretty


  7. Like Kerry , I love all the colors. My maternal grandmother doubled up the squares (gave them a back) and used them as pot holders! I can’t see those squares without thinking of her kitchen.


  8. Great idea for bits and pieces (of which I have many)!


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