Swooning over a new bag

Some time ago Sam destroyed one of my bags… a particularly useful little backpack that I had taken on many excursions. Rather than dash out and buy a replacement, I bought a pattern for something similar (the Lucy Backpack by Swoon ) and then I procrastinated. First I couldn’t decide what sort of fabric to use and then I read the pattern through, thought it sounded rather complicated, and put it aside for when I had a clearer head. And so it sat unattempted waiting for inspiration, which finally arrived in the form of need.

My recent trip to London was due to coincide with some damp weather, so the handbag I have been using recently, which is not waterproof, was not really suitable. In addition, a small backpack is ideal for carrying a bottle of water and other essentials for a trip involving a train journey. Of course, I left it until the last minute, but some time spent cutting and then a couple of evenings sewing were enough.

I was in such a rush that I didn’t take any photographs of the process, but the bag came together well, the instructions were good and I only made one mistake – accidentally doing some top-stitching through an extra layer, so that the pocket was sewn shut. My mistake was easy to resolve. I slightly modified the pattern, using a piece of ribbon for the drawstring rather than making it from scratch, and making use of a salvaged slider (from an old waterproof jacket) to secure the drawstring closed.

Earlier in the year I had bought some African waxed cotton remnants, so I decided to use some of this fabric for the outer, The lining /straps were more problematic, but I rummaged through the pile of old fabric I have squirreled away (all bought at least 20 years ago) and found some lovely wool suiting that I thought would be robust enough for what I wanted. I already had the hardware that I needed and there was a suitable zip in my store of random zips (I have no idea where they all came from, but were probably given to me). The interfacing and foam to provide structure do have to be new for this sort of project, but I had already bought those in preparation, so I didn’t have to go shopping.

I would certainly recommend the pattern and will be making it again very soon… watch this space.

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  1. I bet it was the smartest backpack in London. It looks lovely.


  2. Snazzy as well as useful. Well done!


  3. Trish Longley

     /  November 26, 2019

    You clever person! That’s a really nice backpack and the great thing is, it’s quite
    unique, you won’t see another quite like it.


  4. Lovely bag 😊


  5. And of course, you could predict I’d *love* the fabric. It’s very smart, and I bet it lasts a good long time, assuming Sam doesn’t take a fancy to it.


  6. This looks really cute and useful. I’m glad you gave a link to the pattern. Enjoy your pack!


  7. HOW DID I MISS THIS? What a brilliant make!


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