Mend it Monday #14

“If you can’t fix it, you don’t really own it”

Stientje v Veldhoven, Dutch Secretary of State for the Environment

Whilst I’ve managed some fairly small mends recently, the mend I want to share today was so big that it took two of us to complete and I didn’t have the energy left to write about it. So, over to Mr Snail for all the details (prepare yourself for the puns)…

Do pop over to read it, there is a picture of me brandishing a tool!

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  1. Great mend. Amusing post.
    Good team work – what could be better!


  2. Great teamwork there and you have a dry shed now!


  3. Action Woman! Been there, commented on that, glad to hear dryness is now the order of the day in Darkest, Wettest Wales.
    Not sure I agree with Mijnheer van Veldhoven though. I mean, I can’t fix my laptop, but I do definitely own it. Perhaps having the ability to pay someone else to fix it counts…


  4. As we would say in Maine, that is some repair. Wonder if that material would be good for a house roof. Ours is going.

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  5. If only some of my neighbours were so thoughtful about the lie-ins of others. Last Sunday, bang on 8 a.m., the noisiest brush cutter in the world was in use, followed swiftly by the noisiest ride-on mower. To think they used to complain about my cockerel.


  6. how fabulous your new roof looks…may you have many “dry tools and gadget” inside…forever.



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