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My diploma portfolio and the masterpiece

My diploma portfolio and the masterpiece

Yesterday I finally packaged up my permaculture diploma portfolio and sent it off to be assessed. It’s taken me 2¼ years (much less time than most people take) and I cannot express how pleased I am to have got it out of my hair for the time being. It had started to feel like it was always lurking in the corner of the room – glaring at me and accusing me of neglect. Not true, of course – I put a great deal of work into producing the 10 designs therein but, as with everything, I always feel I could have done more. Anyway, It’s gone now and I can stop fretting. All being well, I will make my presentation about it at the biennial permaculture convergence in London in September – I have a slot booked and a couple of volunteers to sit on my peer review panel (I need a few more, but I’m not going to tempt fate by making too many arrangements too far in advance).

So, what’s next? Well, I have the masterpiece to finish. This is going to provide the focus of my presentation in September and I still have a fair bit of work to do on it. I have three more squares to arrive (one each from Lizze, Katy and Lorraine… oh and there’s still room for two more if anyone has an urge to contribute a quick one) and then I can finally stitch them all together and do the edging. And after that…? Well, no more studying for a while. I want to focus on creative activities and I have a whole list planned:

I've already started work on my first pattern

I’ve already started work on my first pattern

  • Making bling bags to sell/barter
  • Stocking and opening my etsy shop (finally)
  • Making my Bavarian crochet afghan
  • Crocheting covers for the big cushions on our sofa (Sam has been eating the zips off the existing ones)
  • Making my felt/leather bag that I bartered the materials for
  • Writing up some of my crochet patterns (yes, Narf, I’ve started the one for that square you like so much)
  • Finishing the hoodie I started when the weather was so much colder
  • Working on a tapestry that Has been sitting around untouched for a couple of years
  • Contributing to the community craft projects at Denmark Farm (more on this soon, including details of how you can join in)

Along with the gardening, blogging and cooking, that should keep me busy at home! Oh, and of course I’d better do some paid work too… lots of editing as always and some teaching (next course is an introduction to permaculture at Karuna). Finally, I am hoping to have a bit more time for visiting friends near and far. You never know, I might turn up on your doorstep one of these days!


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  1. Kettle’s on.
    xxx Huge Hugs xx x


  2. This is very interesting. I had a little ‘surfing’ over the net about permaculture and I am definitely going to research this any further. And your blog is lovely! Thanks for sharing, Johanna


  3. Congratulations, it’s been a lot of work, I know, but very worthwhile. Now, when are you going to come down here?!


  4. ourworldheritagebe

     /  June 25, 2014

    Congratulations on handing in your permaculture portfolio… and enjoy the load that fell of your shoulders now!


  5. Looking forward to seeing you soon, it’s been too long. And definitely hoping to make it to the convergence. I’m so excited! I never go anywhere!


  6. I feel SO guilty! While I have been beavering away at Adobe Illustrator behind closed doors going pale with the lack of sunshine and good company you have been creating prospective future narf experiences in wool…I bow to your completion of your diploma. I am most impressed with how you chose to illustrate your knowledge and the masterpiece is going to be a true interweaving (sorry about that pun, couldn’t help myself 😉 ) of textiles and permaculture and humanity and relationships and community and homespun (there I go again! Can’t take me ANY WHERE! 😉 ) truths all lovingly crafted together in one fell swoop of gorgeousness. Can’t wait to see it all together. I am already in love 🙂


    • Nearly there – I just wish the weather would be a bit cooler so I there’s less chance of me expiring through heat exhaustion whilst doing the edging!!


      • Its cold…cold…COLD here and we have the fire on. Crocheting feels “right” in the winter doesn’t it? You don’t mind sitting about slothing and crocheting because it’s raining outside and so you really have a good excuse 😉


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