Plastic tea update

Some further research has revealed (thank you Linda) that one sort of teabags in Britain may be plastic-free. According to Gardening Which? Jacksons of Piccadilly make tea bags that are free of polypropylene.

So, I’m just off to write them an e-mail…

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  1. I have been thinking about your previous post since I read it, I don’t want to drink plastic. Look forward to hearing the update.


    • I’m actually quite annoyed – I knew that some manufacturers added plastic to the paper in teabags and I have been avoiding them, but I didn’t realise until very recently about the paper pillow bags being stuck together with plastic. I still haven’t had a response from Jacksons of Piccadilly.


  2. When I read your post yesterday, I immediately went into my cupboards to see what kind of tea I had there – and was very thankful that I had Redbush with the tags! Lol

    After reading this post, I’m even more grateful, as I’ve also got a goodly selection of Twinings Fruit Tea Bags in my cupboard – so they should be a safe bet, with Jackson’s of Piccadilly as their maker 🙂

    Who would ever think that we’d have to worry about plastics being in our daily cuppa!


  3. Fingers crossed on the tea bag front and how much faith we put in manufacturers to “do the right thing” in our food chain.


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